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Thank you all those wonderful artist out there who share your work for others to fave!



United States
I am no longer active on this acount

Hey! I'm Wynn! Welcome to my page, hope you find some art you like! I am :iconpansexualplz:!
:iconstarsapphirewolf:~is my Master and love :heart:

Name: Wynn (Wynnie)
Favorite animals: Wolf, fox, snow leopard, dogs, and cats :iconfurrydanceplz:
Favorite colors: Brown, gold/yellow, purple, green, black, red, and white
My favorite anime/manga's: Pandora Hearts, and Metal Fight Beyblade. I've never seen Kuroshitsuji but I'm obsessed with the fanfics XD
Favorite Pandora Hearts characters: Elliot Nightray, Xerxes Break, Vincent Nightray, R/Leo, Duke Barma, and Oz

Found this on :iconstarsapphirewolf:'s page lol I thought it was cool
I'm obsessed with the rapeface icons :iconsebastianrapefaceplz:, :iconcielrapefaceplz:, :iconaloisrapefaceplz:

Pandora Hearts Character quiz!…
Reo--The Servant. Your Reo. Reo is the trust servant to Elliot Nightray. Even though he may not look like it, he is cool calm and collected. Reo is a book worm and a very intelligent person with lots of advice. He is always correcting his Master when he does something wrong, and apologizing for Elliot's short-comings. Reo is hardly ever surprised by anything, however he is not the great person with weapons. Even though his Master detests the Vessalius house entirly, Reo is more open-minded and does not mind being friends with anyon fromt he Vessalius house. He is skilled at the piano, and is hardly ever seen without his nose in a book. He also hates anyone who spoils anything for anyone else. Reo is a person who warms your heart and is a good friend.

Another PH character quiz:…
Xerxes Break
Your Xerxes Break, you never smiled a lot before, til you met your one specially person/friend that helped your find your happiness

Your emo ~ Your depressed or hyper ~ You love black and otehr dark colors ~ You hate cheeleaders ~ You fun to be around ~ Your a great friend !

Perfect Quote Quiz:…
My heart longs for you, my sould dies for you, my eyes cry for you, my empty arms reach out for you....

Songs: if your in love then try "The Only Exception" by Paramore
"Teenage Dream" Katy Perry

Mythical creature quiz:…
You are powerful and strong. A god or goddess to your people. Your cool looks and your controling personality that pratcically screams, "Mess with me and I'll mess you up." You have no patince for low weak human and just like to mess with them, but you are also a protecter to many. You can have two totally oppisite personalities.
Kitsunes are often known as creatures full of mischeif, swift vengeance, and some times being very cruel. But they can also be known as gaurdains and creatures of love. they all serve under the godess or god Inari. Usually when a kitsune reaches 50 to 100 years old, it can take full human form. The foxes can shape-shift and become any age or height or gender. The only way to find out if some one is a fox is to spot their many tails. (If the fox gets careless.) The tails are the foxes power. The number of tails a fox has respresent its power, wisdom, and age. So the more tails it has, the more powerful it is. Kitsunes powers alow them to shape-shift, possess people, bend time and space, create illisones and dreams so vivid and powerful enough to drive people insane. Kitsunes also feed on the life and emotions of people. (like fear and pain.) Kitsunes control plants and can not enter a humans dewelling without permission. Kitsunes in human form cast a shawdow of a fox.
Star balls hold a small amount of a kitsunes power and life force. When a kitsune is not possessing a human with its star balll, it keeps it in its mouth or tails.
There are storys of kitsunes marrying humans and their own kind. Kitsunes are known as creatures of love. When a kitsune marries its own kind, the clear sky rains, it is considered a good omen.
Some kitsunes that serve Inari, are known as protecters, good, gardians. Inaris kitsunes are white.
Some kitsunes are good and others are known for mischeif... what will you be known as?

Japanese name and meaning quiz:…
You got Misuto. Meaning in English Mist. you are a bit like a loner. You like to be by yourself, and you love writing, and drawing. you are very artistic.

What Pandora Hearts girl are you:…
You got Sharon
you are a very well mannered, sweet and romantic girl just as her. Sometimes you can be annoyed easily and might burst out hitting people with a paper fan but you are usually a very polite and kind girl towards the people you apreciate

Dragon type:…
Dragon of the Ice
You are the Dragon of the Ice: a peaceful, yet frightening looking creature which is commonly misunderstood. During the snowstorms, you are the one who makes the blizzards, and even the one who makes the snowflakes fall. Your closest friends are the Ice dragons, and the earth dragons.

Wolf guardian:…
You got Nightmare. He isn't accualy a nightmare! he was the alpha along with Kera. He is protective and loyal. He is black with blood red eyes. as long as he is by your side, nothing wants to stand in his or your way. He gave you a fake red flower.

My favorite youtube video (I watch this like 30000000 times a day, and I haven't even started Kuroshitsuji yet XD WARNING: Kuroshituji II spoilers)-…

Current Residence: My home
Favourite genre of music: pop, rock
Favourite style of art: anime, animals?, fanart?
Favourite cartoon character: Mickey Mouse! <3
Personal Quote: Facebook is a prison. You write on walls and people you dont know poke you. NO I DIDNT WRITE THIS
Yep, I'm moving accounts. Why? First: I dislike my user name and I want to have an account with my improved art. I am still going to leave this account on dA, and will be keeping my OC's (maybe selling a few) but I will not be active on deviantART as goldeyes12. My new acount is XxBandersnatchxX, already made. If you like my art, or want to continue to fallow me, please watch my new account.

This is the hournal I will be leaving on my account forever.

PLEASE WATCH ME!! :iconxxbandersnatchxx: :iconxxbandersnatchxx: :iconxxbandersnatchxx: :iconxxbandersnatchxx: :iconxxbandersnatchxx: :iconxxbandersnatchxx:

P.S: I will not be putting new things on my new account quiet yet, but I hope too soon ^^
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Stand In The Rain

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